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Game development industry is a booming one. That’s why many of the current companies decide to outsource their work. Buy game UI, outsource some 3d models or programming problems to save the money and a time. By outsourcing, you are able to push a product and form an efficient leverage. Mobile game UI can even bring you higher retention.


Where and what to outsource?

Outsourcing means giving out some tasks which we do not especially have resources f0r, or just get some help. In the game development industry, especially mobile games, outsourcing becomes easier. Several businesses are opting for outsource game development services for a higher rate of productivity that is understandable because of mobile games project needs.

With several companies already diving into the pool of 3d game development services, outsource game development have also become quite a popular routine for the gaming companies. You can buy a game UI to give an awesome experience for your players or even outsource the whole game to get it done with the lower cost.

Let’s get started:

3 Reasons Why well-designer UI/UX is required for Your Game

1. You’re Being Judged. Quickly.

A study found that people judge your product in under a second of seeing it. Within three seconds, their eye has landed on a key element that will evolve into their first impression of your business.

What is drawing their eye? Is your Mobile game UI done with the user in mind or just your graphic designer expressions? They certainly haven’t read the entire script on your homepage in under five seconds.

They’re judging your competency based on the layout and design of your game. If your game does not look intuitive for your user, he will get discouraged quickly.

Research has found that “instantly” liking a website has a strong correlation with higher customer satisfaction for that company. Same is with games. That’s why you should reconsider where to buy game ui.

2. Less Time (and Money) on Development

Half of a developer’s time is spent on re-working a project.

At that point, it’s well past the prototype phase where things are easy to fix and well into the more expensive part of development. Mobile game ui should be designed on the begining of project, after having main mechanics.

UX design eliminates this by thinking about user engagement and ease-of-use before passing the work on to a pricey developer.

The fact is, it’s cheaper to hire a designer than it is to hire a developer. Isn’t it better to hire a designer than spend money on redesigning your UI and re-thinking new placement of mechanics? How often are you adding a new feature to your game to bring some freshness? Have you got it in mind before starting the project?

Your UX design team can be simultaneously busy iterating, creating, and testing while your developer is focused on backend services.

This shortens your development time — in addition to lowering financial costs.

3. Adapt (or Fail) for the Future Consumer

Today, customer’s experience accounts for 43% of their overall satisfaction. And in the next three years, that number is projected to increase to 50%. It’s all about the impression they walk away with.

Your game is setting up for a failure if you are not focused on the user experience now.  The current market is customer-centered if a game interface can not give satisfaction to a player, getting higher retention or more IAP will be difficult.

UX design is the wave of the future.

Use UX design to optimize your game for the future and make sure your players convert to monetized players.

In the End

UX design means user experience oriented design. It’s about offering the consumer an easy and well laid out experience.

If your game is optimized for user and business points at the same time, this will provide better retention and monetization. Game design is still the most important part, but if you really care about your users and retention, it is worth to invest in UX.

UX design is important for your company because it will help your business by:

  • Making the best possible first impression
  • Generating an amazing return on investment
  • Save you money in the development phase
  • Prepare your business for the future and adding new mechanics

Should I buy game ui

If you’re having trouble with your mobile game UI / UX and are ready to create the next top-notch customer experience, you need to think about outsourcing your mobile game ui design to us. If you would like to buy game ui, without factors such as User testing and prototyping, we can also do that.

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