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Hey! I am Oscar, game ui freelancer, founder of and

My journey as a game ui freelancer

I am specializing in UI Design for games. I am into graphic design since I was 13 years old. I cooperated with studios such as: mobile sports time, game pickle, genetic studios, t-bull and I am looking forward to collaborating with you. When I am not creating UI for my clients, I am creating custom twitch overlays


  1. Consultation with a client,
  2. Wireframing and UI/UX for main mechanics
  3. Style and colors guidelines
  4. After approving, start of the design process
  5. Interactive prototype (if client declared willingness)
  6. Start of design and reporting to the client after a key point

Core values during designing a game UI:

  • Usability
  • Meeting business points
  • Clean and memorable

mobile game ui freelancer

Why should you trust me?

Well, you will get a first UI screen free just if you have a successful game so you will see what you can except. By our workflow, you will not ever be disappointed. You will stay current with your design at every time.

Our services:

*Game UI/UX (designing intuitive and clean game interfaces that your players will love)

*Monetization optimization (We will overview and redesign your monetization system to get better results)

*Mobile games paid campaigns (We can offer you a paid campaign creation which will help grow your game fanbase)

*Game motion design, icons, splash screens and screenshots postproduction (Are you looking for animations for your game trailer or engaging social media in video format? It is motion design. We also offer game icons designed for highest CTR (click-through rate), screenshots that will be welcoming for your game store visitors and splash screens(loading screens) which will welcome current players and build your company authority.


If you are looking for game ui freelancer or need a game icon which can help you with getting higher downloads rate, contact us.

Feel free to hit me up at

First game UI screen for free if you have at least one successfully published game.



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