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As a friend of many successful founders of game development companies, I had a conversation with them about creating a team related to game development. What I have noticed is that day by day more of them are going for the automated business model. Instead of hiring the local team, they are building their own freelance/game development outsourcing team.


Game development outsourcing

Game development is getting popular day by day. That’s why many of the current companies decide to outsource their work. Mobile game UI, outsource some 3d models or programming problems to save the money and a time. By outsourcing, you are able to push a product and form an efficient leverage. 


But why is it important?

If you can think about costs that are assigned to an office renting. Wouldn’t it be nice if you will have this money to invest into your next games campaigns or creating a next independent team? Game studios of old generation are renting these huge offices which are not necessary. Well, if you are planning to achieve success as AAA studio for PC and consoles, it can be but it is still worth to consider outsourcing at some points. Are you the mobile game developer? This means that your team isn’t that big so you have a possibility to better spend that money. Just think about it, what if instead of hiring game UI Designer you rather pay someone to do a custom UI for your newest game? It is not required to have one more employee who won’t be that effective with time.


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If you may be interested..

We provide Game Dev services related to:

-Game UI/UX

-Monetization optimization

-Screenshot/Icons postproduction to get you higher download rate

-Graphics for digital needs

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